Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lollapalooza 2008- a quick note

I am currently sitting in the AT&T Oasis (a nice air conditioned break from the 90 degree Chicago heat), listening to the Whigs play across the field, and I just through I would quickly fill you in on three of the more important events of the festival thus far.

1) Radiohead played "Fake Plastic Trees" and made me very very happy.
2) The Lollapalooza Rage Against the Machine set was even better than the already incredible Rock the Bells Rage Against the Machine set.
3) Due to circumstances that have thus far eluded me, The Weakerthans canceled. This is very disappointing.

anyway, still lots to do. Nicole Atkins; Black Kids; Iron & Wine; Flogging Molly; Girl Talk; The National; Nine Inch Nails....maybe Kanye too. We will have to see how to day goes. In any case expect a nice long entry later...complete with pictures!

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