Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Year in Music- 2008---Wait, these didn't make the list? What the fuck?

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! So, I've spent the past month meticulously going back over the music that I accumulated over the course of the year. And with nothing short of a herculean effort, I was able to come up with a list of the twenty five best albums of the year (but with only numbers fifteen through one being in any kind of order). I also managed to come up with a list of the best songs of the year, under/over-rated albums of the year, and best EPs of the year.

But this post is just a list of albums that DIDN'T make my list, and it killed me. I was a huge fan of all of these albums, but I just wasn't as big a fan of these albums as I was of the albums on my list. These are still pretty spectacular, but I have to limit myself somewhere. I also feel like this list highlights just how much great music was released this year. If these albums weren't part of my best 25 albums list, how good does an album have to be to make it? So, anyway these are the albums that I really liked...but just not quite enough to put on my list:

Sigur Ros- Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust
Hercules and Love Affair- Hercules and Love Affair
Kings of Leon- Only By The Night
Jenny Lewis- Acid Tongue
Neil Young- Sugar Mountian: Live at Canterbury House 1968
Fuck Buttons- Street Horrrsing
Frightened Rabbits- The Midnight Organ Fight
Lykke Li- Youth Novels
She & Him- Volume One

I'll do my best to post a short segment about each of these albums in the next few weeks. The schedule for the year in review is as follows:

12/25- Songs of the Year
12/26- EPs of the Year
12/27- Year's Most Overrated Album
12/28- Year's Most Underrated Album
12/29- Best Albums of 2008: 25-16
12/30- Best Albums of 2008: 15-2
12/31- Best Album of the Year

Also, I had talked about making an aggregate 'best-of' list, Metacritic does that and I completely forgot about it. If you're interested in looking at legit publications opinions go here:

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